Introducing XanGo

Xango bottles & box

The brand name XanGo was created from two words: Xanthones and Mangosteen. And while this brand name represents the origin of the beverage, it will also come to represent much more to the people who enjoy it.

While the scientific community has been studying the benefits of the Mangosteen for decades, no one has thought of bringing these incredible benefits to the world in a potent convenient form. Until now.

The Power of Our Whole Fruit Puree.


Now there’s Xango, the only product available that carries all of the power and benefit of the Mangosteen, delivered in a naturally delicious liquid form. Xango is not simply the juice of the Mangosteen. Instead, it is a whole fruit puree, utilizing the pericarp as well as the pulp of this extraordinary tropical fruit. As a whole fruit puree, Xango delivers all the benefits of Alpha Mangostin and Gamma Mangostin, the xanthones that have proven to be so rich in life-enhancing qualities.



“Studies are showing that xanthones have positive effects on nearly all the body’s systems,” says researcher Fred Templeman, M.D. “From increased energy to protection from free radical damage, xanthones delivers a wide range of benefits.”



A Taste Sensation.
And the best part is, XanGo is absolutely delicious! We’re all familiar with tonics and potions derived from natural plants and herbs. Most have genuine beneficial properties, but the taste leaves so much to be desired. You won’t find that with Xango. The naturally sweet and tangy flavor of the Mangosteen is a taste sensation you have to experience to believe. Xango has no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, no added sweeteners. We don’t need them!

In one singular drink, you get all of the miraculous benefits of xanthones: powerful antioxidants protection , a natural energy enhancer, and more. And you get all this in a drink that you’ll look forward to tasting!

Reconstituted Mangosteen Juice, mangosteen pulp, concentrated juices of apple, pear,grape, blueberry and cherry. citric acid, natural flavour pectin, xantham gum, sodium benzoate.

Would I not be better with a 100% Mangosteen juice drink rather than a blend?
The powerful healthful ingredients associated with the Mangosteen fruit are found in the rind (peri carp). As the peri carp is bitter, other fruit juices are used to produce a palatable drink, without the addition of the mangosteen peri carp then the amount of Xanthones in the drink would be greatly diminished so a 100% Mangosteen juice drink would not be as powerful.